We reach every corner of the world.

We’ve developed an established global network made up by trustworthy partners that allows us to ensure maximum safety and fulfill every enquiry within the logistic department.

With the simplicity that only a trained and strong company as Air Ocean Cargo can offer, we reach every corner of the world, without any exception: from Europe to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, we ship the novelty and the artistry of our clients all over the world. 365 days a year.

With timeliness, expertise and professionalism we support our clients’ businesses all over the world.

The excellence, timeliness and reliability that have always identified us are the results of a longstanding experience in this field and a streamlined internal organization of our air, sea and truck departments.

It’s especially thanks to our experience that today we’re able to grant services tailored to our clients’ needs, offering ourselves as high value added partners.

  • Door to door service

  • Packaging

  • Palletization and x-rays

  • Customized crates, anti B&E and fumigation

  • Coating, strapping, film coating and weighing

  • DGR shipments

  • Refrigerated and thermo controlled handling

  • Goods labelling

  • Pick and pack

  • GOH shipments (garments on hangers)

  • Quality control

  • Simplified customs procedures

  • Issuing of sanitary certificates

  • A3 e A4 customs deposit

  • VAT deposit

  • Tutoring

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